Up to 3000 Concurrent Call.

SipZen can controll Up tp 3000 Concurrent Call With Unlimited Bandwidth for your Wholesale Business.

Easy Management.

Manage your phone system, View call records and current spend all via your online portal.

Helpful Support.

An experienced team always available to help you along the way.

What we Offer


dialler is an electronic device that is connected to a telephone line to monitor the dialed numbers and alter them to seamlessly provide services that otherwise require lengthy National or International access codes to be dialed.

Retail Softswitch

Retail switch is also an advanced soft switch consists of 5 levels from which a reseller can create pin. Reseller can create unlimited sip pin & recharge pin in every level.

Wholesale Softswitch

Wholesale soft switch is an advanced soft switch from which a wholesaler can sell route & can easily access and monitor his switch from anywhere by using any device (mobile, iPad, Tab, laptop etc).

Our Packages

Since SipZen started, proving the fastest call connecting hosted retail & wholesale soft switch. Service is offered in sizes from 50 concurrent to 3000 concurrent Calls. SipZen Soft-Switch service comes with user-friendly web-interface, enabling flexible routing, reliable billing and real-time monitoring. .Small to large every packages will have no hidden cost & services are being given 24/7 by our expert engineers.

Regular wholesale package

  • Up to 5000 Concurrent call
  • Two stage security verification
  • Fully Mobile Supported
  • Never Go Negative balance
  • Advance Routing
  • Live Packet capturing
  • Block Unauthorized IP’s
  • Web call Testing

Regular Retail package

  • Up to 3000 Concurrent call
  • Fastest Call Connectivity
  • All Level Pin creator
  • Multi tire Billing( Shadow Billing)
  • Minute flexibility
  • Bulk Rate Change
  • Copy Rate
  • Force Ring Back

Regular Dialer package

  • 25 to 500 concurrent Registration
  • Faster Registration
  • Echo Cancellation
  • DTMF feature
  • Loud and clear voice
  • Call hold, mute, loudspeaker
  • Consuming low internet
  • Connectivity through WIFI/3G

Special promotional package

  • For 50 CC,100 CC,200 CC,350 CC
  • Free SipZen Lite Dialer
  • Free SipRing Lite Dialer
  • Free Domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Free website design
  • 1 month Free trial
  • 24/7 hours support